Soon after I started my career as a hairstylist in 1985, I developed severe allergies to the chemicals in the products I was using.Christina Keenan Due to this, I altered my career path to include aesthetics. This introduced me to a whole new world of holistic modalities, methods and treatments concerning Wholeness… Body, Mind & Spirit.

During the past 15 years I have studied Clinical Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Bach Flower Remedies, Herbology and Reflexology, Reiki, Responsive Therapies and Nutritional Medicine.

Through lifestyle changes that include these complementary style treatments, I have managed to alleviate my allergies, improve the health of my family and have enabled my son to eliminate the use of an inhaler.

I invite you to come in and explore your “Beauty from Within”.  Let me help you release the natural healing power that lies within all of us.  When you feel good, you look good.  Even if you are feeling great and would like some pampering, let me help you through nature release your beauty from within.

** Natural Therapies are covered by most major health care plans. **